FAT Women Exercise

  So, I edited the photos for this post and started writing it Monday, but originally had not finished. I told myself… no big deal if it goes up Wednesday instead of Tuesday. I convinced myself to wait an extra

Flowy Striped Pants

Hey all and happy Monday! I know, I know… I have not posted on here in a while and I say this each and every time. I was sick, my website crashed again, and life has just been hectic! But,

Blue Jean Baby

Hey all and happy Monday! Been a while since I have been on here with some fashion stuff… it’s been a crazy month. Dealing with my site crashing, theme crashing, getting it fixed, etc. Trying to make a full comeback

Feeling Comfortable & Sexy in My Own Skin With Cacique Intimates

**Thank you so much to Cacique Intimates and Shopstyle for sponsoring this post! Thank you for always supporting brands that support this blog! We have started to see a shift, and by shift I am referring to the ways we

My 30th Birthday Present to Myself

It has officially been a month since I turned 30 and what a month it has been! I wasn’t so much scared of 30, more so worried if I had accomplished enough before turning 30. Since this was a big

Workwear Wednesday: Neutral Button Down Dress

Hey all and happy Wednesday… or in this case, Workwear Wednesday! I have been doing this series for quite a few years now, but it dropped off for a while when I was transitioning jobs and figuring everything out! I