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My recent haul from Target! (One of my favorite destinations for everything)
 Sweater / / Bag (loving how Kate Spade-like this bag is!) / / Blouse (available only in stores)
Instagram has been a huge way for me to connect both at home and overseas. People all over the world use instagram and it has helped me share my fashion, travel, and love for food all over the world. I have been able to connect and share with people everywhere and I figured I would share some of my favorite moments! I share almost every single day and I love to see what other people are up to or what fashion they have posted. I also love looking at good food places and travel ideas!

My friend’s wedding shower. I found it funny that I matched the gift.
Dress Nordstrom (sold out)
My former students in Korea. My constant inspirations. I miss them so much.
Lovely iced coffee weather.
Necklace Bauble Bar
Poached eggs and crab cakes with potatoes in Valparaiso, Indiana. Amazing
One of my favorite stacks!
Chain Link Bracelet Ann Taylor / / Stone Bracelet Ann Taylor / / Handbag Ann Taylor
One of my favorite looks thus far
Check out the blog post here
A double rainbow view from my apartment in Korea.
This is one of my favorites! I used to volunteer at an orphanage for children and adults in Korea. One of my favorite residents. She was always happy and had such a smile on her face!
Buffalo Mac N Cheese from Noodles and Company
I have been coming to this lake for bike rides and peace for years. Always an amazing view.
Leather details (I love leather!) Shirt Ann Taylor / / Necklace Target
One of my favorite photos from my travels in Asia. Angkor Thom in Cambodia. This picture was also featured on a photography website for travelers!
Hope you all enjoyed some of my shares. I post all of my inspirations on Instagram and would love for you to follow along! Let me know what you enjoyed and didn’t. Please feel free to follow along or share with me, especially on Instagram.

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