Shopbop Sale


Woohoo! Another sale! The weather was horrendous today, with constant rain and horrible storms. Made it a bit difficult to take any picture today. I thought I would share some ShopBop sale picks! The sale runs through thursday with code FAMILY 25. Happy shopping! 



Shoes  one / / two / / three / / four 
Dresses  one / / two / / three / / four
bags  one / / two / / three / / four 
Jackets   one / / two / / three / / four  
You can click on each picture for the link or I have attached the link onto the page as well. I have recently switched my blog from a blogspot account to an ordinary .com account. Sorry for all of the comments that have been deleted in the process. I appreciate all the readers that have viewed my blog thus far! Please continue to check out my blog and enjoy it. Thanks for following along with me and please continue as I make slight alterations to my blog in the future. 
Happy Shopping!! 
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