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My alternative passion is food. After traveling and being back in the United States, I have been searching for different foods all the time. Sweets were hard to come by in South Korea, so I found this little gem in the heart of the northwestern suburbs. This place is super cute, quaint, and has awesome sweets and coffee. 
Lawrence Deans in Wilmette is an absolute must-visit. The decor is so fun and the sweets are even better. 

The awesome array of biscotti that they offer at the store. I loved how they made it so simple, yet so appealing. The Maple Pecan biscotti is awesome with coffee. 
The cupcake display offered many different flavors of cupcakes at a reasonable price. The cupcakes were quite cheap in comparison to other shops and they were large as well. 

The caramel apple and aztec chocolate cupcake with two dark roast coffees. I had the caramel apple cupcake and it was quite good. The cakes were nice and moist and the frosting was light and not too sugary. Highly recommended and the coffee was a nice pairing.

The people who own the restaurant are very friendly and accommodating. They make specialized cookies and cakes for parties and celebrations. They are willing to explain about the food and give recommendations. Very easy and friendly sweets experience. 

For the savory side of things……. 
Chuck Wagon, also in Wilmette. A hole in the wall place, with just a small set of chairs and counters, but definitely worth the visit! 

Makes it feel a bit more relatable with pictures of guests, new and old across the walls. 

The gyro cheeseburger. Absolutely, absolutely recommend this burger. The meat is great and juicy and the burger overall was amazing. 

A picture of the cook, who is awesome. 

Some of the decor in the restaurant. Makes it feel a bit more homey and welcoming. It was interesting to be able to enjoy the personal decor along the walls, along with the pictures.

If you want a good burger, especially a unique one, then you need to check this place out. It was absolutely delicious and the two men behind the counter were so friendly. 

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