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I thought I would switch away from food and fashion for a day and share something that is really important to me. I was not always great at taking care of my skin growing up, but in the last few years I have found that it has become increasingly important. So I figured I would share my daily skincare regimen, especially since it has become so Korean influenced. 
I lived in South Korea for the past 2 years and I have used many different Korean skincare products. I have finally found a regimen that works for me, after many different trials. I have used expensive and cheaper skin products, and I have found these to be the best. They range in price, but most of them are a great price for the quality that you get. 

I have combination skin, so this regimen has worked the best for me over the past year or so. My skin tends to be prone to oil, especially in the heat and it gets fairly dry in the winter. In the past year I have seen my complexion clear, my skin tone even out, and my pores reduce in size (huge factor). 
Moisturizing Gel Sephora | Clarifying Lotion Sephora 
  This is a combo I have been using for years. It has definitely helped with oil control and has kept my skin much more even over the years. I use the gel lotion because my skin tends to be more combination-like. 

Volcanic Pore Scrub Amazon  | Baking Powder Amazon
Definitely the two best face washes I have ever used. I tend to use the volcanic pore scrub when my skin or pores are feeling really bad. It is a great cleanser for my pores and it has helped reduce my pore size. The baking powder is great for daily oil control and has helped keep my skin clearer and oil free. Both are Korean products and thankfully now available on Amazon! 
Volcanic Pore Nose Packs Amazon | | Volcanic Clay Mask Amazon | T Zone Pore Pack Amazon
I use the nose strips to clear out my pores because I tend to get occasional blackheads, especially when I am really stressed. Works well with the volcanic scrub pictured above. The volcanic clay mask is amazing. It has cleaned out my pores, helped with oil control, and it has evened out my complexion. The last one is the best thing for the T-zone that I have ever found. It goes on and gets hot then cools down when it is done working. (This brand also has a blackhead steam pore pack, which is also unreal). These are all also available on Amazon! 

Moistfull Eye Cream Amazon
Never too young to use an eye cream! I have found this eye cream to be amazing. I am prone to dark circles, so this has been great at gradually reducing them. It has also reduced some of those lines that I get under my lower lash line. It has definitely brightened my under eye area. 
Facial Mist L’occitane

This is hands down the best facial mist I have used, and I have used several. It is great for after makeup application and for fixing my dry skin areas. It hydrates my face really well and I always carry it in my purse. 

Clarisonic Mia 2 Nordstrom

The Clarisonic Mia 2 has been life changing for my skin. I think it speaks for itself  when you see it. Also, I do not know a person that does not use a Clarisonic for their skin. It has drastically reduced my pore size, evened out my skin tone, and just helped clear my skin overall.

Hopefully this was a helpful blog post for some. I enjoy finding good skin care products and I have watched enough youtube videos and read enough reviews of skin care.

Tips for the Korean products: While I am by no means an expert, I lived in Korea for two years and did my fair share of experimenting. Just a heads up for Korean beauty products, should you want to travel into that realm at all. Some products (skincare and beauty) can contain whitening elements. These tend to make your skin whiter and brighter in appearance and some even claim to suck some of the pigment out. This is not my cup of tea, but some people like it for their skin. Just be conscious of this when purchasing products. Amazon does a good job of making this known and it will say it in the description or on the front of the bottle.

If you would like to use some Korean products and you need some help picking and choosing, feel free to comment or ask. There are some more that I use but have just not mentioned. If you would like any recommendations, please feel free to ask!

Here is to healthy and happy skin! 

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