all black everything and a pop of red

Happy Monday! Hope you all are enjoying a day off, assuming you have one! Over the weekend I was a bit sick, which helps a bit to explain this outfit. I was feeling quite ill but had errands to run and things to do. I decided to wear this super comfy cape and pair it with a hat, to hopefully add a bit more glam to it. I also paired a bright red bag with it to give it a nice pop of color. Hope you all are having such a lovely Monday!

Cape Topshop / / Button down Forever 21 / / Pants Nordstrom
Booties Sole Society / / Hat Nordstrom / / Sunnies Prada
Bag Michael Kors / / Lips M.A.C (rebel)
It has warmed up here quite a bit recently, making it much more bearable. These booties are on major sale right now and are super comfy! They come in three colors here.
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  1. 1.19.15

    cape looks awesome :))
    INSTAGRAM – hellodashi

  2. 1.20.15

    Absolutely loving the cape and the purse! And your new blog design!

    Michaela || The Monogrammed Midwesterner

  3. 1.20.15

    I love an all black look! Your pop of red in the bag is the perfect accessory.

    Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  4. 1.20.15

    Hello Denise! I hope you find yourself feeling much better by the time you read my comment. I know that not feeling good it is not a fun thing to endure. You are looking super stylish as always. I can imagine you turning heads around while running your errands because you look super chic wearing that hat. The cape is simply adorable and looks amazing with the hat. Thanks so much for the comment you left me! I didn’t know ChicWish showed my look on their facebook page. When I read you message I was like: What! What is my sweet friend Denise talking about??? I immediately visited their FB page and I saw it! Thanks for letting me know:-) That was so sweet of you. I am glad it is getting a little warmer up there. Take care and have a blessed week! XOXO, Jeannette

    • 1.21.15

      I was super excited for you! I think and saw it and flipped out haha! I am so happy that it was your photo on there! Thanks so much, as always!!

  5. 1.20.15

    Love it! And that pop of red makes the whole outfit!! <3 –

  6. 1.20.15

    You are looking very stylish and I could never never tell under this outfit is someone who is feeling under the weather. I hope you are better now, Denise.

  7. 1.20.15
    Hina Naz said:

    you are looking gorgeous xxx
    Great Post. Lovely Blog. I am really loving your blog.
    xxx Keep in touch
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  8. 1.20.15

    That poncho is amazing, I love it with the red bag

  9. 1.20.15

    I love the poncho!! It really goes well with anything

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  10. 1.20.15
  11. 1.20.15
    Zalona said:

    wow very inspiring blog! 🙂 I really love what you do! I’m a fan! 🙂 Keep up the great work.

    • 1.21.15

      Thank you so so much! Thanks for stopping by, I need to come check out your blog!

  12. 1.20.15

    How do you get those perfect waves in your hair?! It seriously always looks amazing!!

    You look so glamorous in your cape!! What a great cozy piece to throw on! Hope you’re feeling better, Denise. xx

    • 1.21.15

      Awwww thanks! I switch between my instawave, which I did the tutorial with and a curling wand! It is a bed head brand that I got from Target. It’s the one I used for my hair in these photos! Thanks so much, Joanna!

  13. 1.20.15

    That cape is gorgeous. Very glam and classy outfit.

    Jennifer Jayne xx

  14. 1.20.15

    Just love your cape. This outfit looks stunning love the purse 🙂

  15. 1.20.15
    Lena Chu said:

    This is amazing love your black and white wrap coat and that red bag is s fun add-on! So chic!! 🙂 xo~ Lena

  16. 1.20.15

    Great outfit, you look amazing! I love the red bag 🙂


  17. 1.20.15

    Hello sweetie, I want to invite you to join my giveaway, you can win a lovely necklace! 🙂 I hope you join and I hope you win, good luck! By the way Love this post!

    Fashion gets Fierce Giveaway.

  18. 1.20.15
    Lara Reis said:

    Amazing! Great post and very nice blog!
    I’m following your blog. Can you follow me back? Thank you! 🙂

    • 1.21.15

      Thanks so much for stopping by! Will definitely come and drop by yours as well!

  19. 1.20.15

    Love love love the cape and hat combo. You look absolutely fabulous and you’d totally fit in here in LA 😉

    • 1.21.15

      Awww thanks so much! Will definitely consider it for the warm weather!!

  20. 1.20.15
    Gabrielle said:

    Denise, your hair seems to look more and more healthy and shiny with every blog post! Are you doing anything differently?! 🙂 Oh and I adore the colour pop from this bag, it’s so bold!!


    • 1.21.15

      You are too sweet! Actually, I am on the edge of needing to get it done, cut, and colored again haha. I totally appreciate that! I swear I am not. I put just a little product in and use biolage products for washing, the ones for color treated hair! I can share some products in a post sometime soon!

  21. 1.20.15

    The cape is so beautiful and you look so gorgeous! x x

  22. 1.20.15

    That cardigan is so cute! I love it!
    Melanie @

  23. 1.20.15
    Yasmine M said:

    Really love your cardigan and hat… and has anyone ever told you how perfectly your hair falls? <3 x Happy Tuesday!

    • 1.21.15

      Thank you so much and thanks for the compliment on my hair. I really appreciate it!

  24. 1.20.15

    Loved the title of this post! Plus your outfit is on point!! xx

  25. 1.20.15
    Anna said:

    Would you like to follow each other via GFC? Let me know and I’ll follow you back ASAP 🙂

  26. 1.20.15

    I just love a pop of red. You look great in this outfit

    K. or Pure & Complex

  27. 1.20.15

    I love this cape! Such a gorgeous pattern.

    Olive & Ivy

  28. 1.21.15
    libys11 said:

    gorgeous cardigan!!! love the pop of red as well!!! 😀

    Animated Confessions

  29. 1.21.15

    Very glamorous! Love the poncho and hat paired with the pop of red! Looking hawt girl!

  30. 1.21.15
    Caitlin said:

    Denise, you look great!

  31. 1.21.15

    The cape is beautiful! I adore your hat!

  32. 1.21.15
    Deniz G said:

    You are so good at styling capes Denise! Seriously, I love this look – it’s flawless (:

    – Deniz

  33. 1.21.15
    Laura said:

    You look great!! The cape is beautiful!

    – Laura

  34. 1.21.15

    Like your posts and your blog. Great outfitt. Love them. I follow you, could you follow back, pls. Kiss

  35. 1.21.15
    * Helen * said:

    Gorgeous outfit, I love the cape, it’s so pretty!! <3

    I have a new post on the blog, would love to know your thoughts:

    * Electric Sunrise – Fashion and Lifestyle Blog *


  36. 1.21.15

    Oh, wow, I really like the Southwestern-inspired patterns on the cape! They’re not too small or too large.

  37. 1.21.15
    Nina Kobi said:

    You look amazing. xx