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  1. Hello Denise! I hope you find yourself feeling much better by the time you read my comment. I know that not feeling good it is not a fun thing to endure. You are looking super stylish as always. I can imagine you turning heads around while running your errands because you look super chic wearing that hat. The cape is simply adorable and looks amazing with the hat. Thanks so much for the comment you left me! I didn’t know ChicWish showed my look on their facebook page. When I read you message I was like: What! What is my sweet friend Denise talking about??? I immediately visited their FB page and I saw it! Thanks for letting me know:-) That was so sweet of you. I am glad it is getting a little warmer up there. Take care and have a blessed week! XOXO, Jeannette

    • Awwww thanks! I switch between my instawave, which I did the tutorial with and a curling wand! It is a bed head brand that I got from Target. It’s the one I used for my hair in these photos! Thanks so much, Joanna!

  2. Denise, your hair seems to look more and more healthy and shiny with every blog post! Are you doing anything differently?! ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh and I adore the colour pop from this bag, it’s so bold!!


    • You are too sweet! Actually, I am on the edge of needing to get it done, cut, and colored again haha. I totally appreciate that! I swear I am not. I put just a little product in and use biolage products for washing, the ones for color treated hair! I can share some products in a post sometime soon!

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