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  1. So….you’re basically wearing the exact outfit that I’m on the hunt for! I’m trying to find the person pink moto jacket (in that blush colour) AND ripped black skinnies. I’m only 5’1″ so it’s hard to find jeans with rips in the right places.

    Something About That

    • Hahaha that is too funny! The moto jacket is awesome and super comfy! As for jeans, I understand I am 5’3″ and have the same issue. Jeans from express come in short and regular, these are the short. So the rips happen to match up much better! I understand the struggle completely.

  2. I love this neutral color palette with the pop of leopard and colored sunnies!! And those wedge booties are perfect- I’m 5’2” so I love a little height as well. You look lovely as always, Denise! xx

    • Thanks so much, Joanna! I love height as well, or at the very least, appearing tall in photos!

  3. Love the mauve jacket! The colors you paired it with could not be better. I love the draping on that top too. This is one of my favorite looks of yours.

    Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

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