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  1. Hello Denise! So I finally got to meet the wonderful girl who does you hair!!!! Tell her I said that she is amazing:-) And yes, I would love to move closer to you so we can share our closets because I would love to wear everything you have!!! Thanks for sharing all your IG pictures. I have to go back and like the ones I have missed. You are such a wonderful human being Denise and I am so happy and thankful I got to connect with you on-line. Have a blessed day my sweet friend:-) XOXO, Jeannette

    • I know, she is seriously amazing! If you are ever in Chicago, give her a call! Thank you so much, Jeannette! Your comments always mean so much to me! Hope you had a great weekend!

  2. Obsessed with your lipstick collection! I need to improve on mine. And seeing your fro-yo is making me craze some even though it’s not even lunchtime yet, and it’s 7 degrees here in Maine! Have a wonderful weekend, Denise! xx

    • Thanks so much! I feel the same way. I am always buying new lipsticks. I love froyo, even in cold weather, so no shame!

  3. I’m having a hard time believing you didn’t eat all the macarons… those things are addicting! And I feel you on the brutal weather. It was negative 18 here on top of windchill this past week so I’ve been trading style for layers and warmth. I’ll do a lot for good shoes, but frostbite is not one of them, haha.
    Randi with an i

    • I really had to stop myself, especially since they sell them in the frozen section now. I only wore those shoes on like 30 plus days, haha! I cannot wear them in brutal cold.

    • Thank you so much! The bag is actually from Target! Really appreciate you checking them out!

  4. Lovely pictures!! You’ve a lot of lipsticks to choose from…..:))

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