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  1. Hi my dear
    your look are very sweet and you are friendly solar
    I love your pink handbag and your coata.
    I also bought a pink coat
    bye bye
    have a nica day

    • Thank you so much! I try to go bright during winter but I tend to stick to very neutral palettes a lot.

  2. Hello Denise! OMG girl! There is so much snow everywhere!! Everything looks super pretty and the white snow in the background makes you glow and stand out:-) Love all the pops of pink in your outfit… so feminine and sweet! The boots are gorgeous and you my friend, you look pretty and radiant as always. Stay warm and hang in there because spring is coming pretty soon! XOXO, Jeannette

    • Way too much snow, want some? Thanks so much, Jeannette. Hope you are enjoying your week!

  3. Oh, man! That looks so cold!! I’m so spoiled here in Florida. Though, any time the temperature drops even a little bit, I like to pull out my faux fur vest and boots. You look great in this outfit! xx

    Audrey |

  4. I love how I’m hyping about snow and you’ve just about had enough of it haha! It really does make a beautiful backdrop for your outfits though and this bright pink colour contrasts perfectly with the blanket of snow! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice ๏ปฟ


    • I know you love it and you just got some! You can have all of ours!! Thanks so much!!

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