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    • Really, it was like 40 that day. You get to this point where you just get sick of all the snow and cold. Plus it was quite sunny most of the day.

  1. Hello Denise! You have nothing to apologize for. That is mother nature doing her thing:-) I can’t believe there is still lots of snow up there. It was in the mid 80’s here in FL today and here I am hoping that temperatures stay low a little bit longer. I know, I know what you may be think but when I say low I mean somewhere in the 60’s:-) Love the cold shoulder top you are wearing today. I own one in black I like it very much. The scarf is super pretty. Love all the colors and its design. The aviators are super cool and you have inspired to get a pair. I can’t decide which color to get. I have seen you also wearing a pair of blue ones that I also like very much. Have a great week beautiful Denise and just know that spring is coming soon!!! XOXO, Jeannette

    • Thanks so much, Jeannette! I am glad I have inspired you to get a pair! I love them so much. I had a tough time deciding at the store and was debating for sure. I also adore the pink ones! Good luck choosing! Thanks for the kind regards!

    • They are definitely a purple hue. Very light and subtle but there is one there! Thank you so much!

    • Hahaha I know but it is still horrible for photos! I know, they had so many shoes on sale!

  2. Such a fun outfit Denise, I love the scarf and shoes- and that gorgeous bag! You look lovely and ready for spring for sure.
    Thank you for linking up to “Bloggers Who have Inspired Me” today!
    Rachel xo

    • Thanks so much, Rachel! Thanks for always hosting it, I really enjoy checking it out!


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