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It has been brutally cold here lately! So cold that it has been really tough to take photos outside, even in a coat. It has been below zero with the windchill, and the winds have been crazy as well. I thought I’d share some of my daily beauty favorites, since I sometime receive questions about my makeup and skincare routines.
Some of these products you have seen before because I have posted them in other posts as well. I use most of these products daily and just one or two of them on a weekly basis. I promise you will not be disappointed with any of them! Would love to know your daily beauty products! What do you use for your beauty and skincare routines?
1. Origins Clear Improvement Charcoal MaskI recently discovered this when I had asked about a good face mask at Sephora. I told them that I had fairly sensitive skin and that I breakout from time to time and I need something to help clear that up. I use this after cleaning off all my makeup and cleansing my skin. This makes my skin feel so soft, and I have really noticed a lot of small bumps have disappeared.
2. Smashbox BB Cream EyesI have been using this for over a year and I have yet to switch to anything else. It does such a good job of brightening my under eye area and also covering some dark circles. I also use it as a spot concealer and it works so well!
3. Revlon Cream Blush:  I really love this blush and have never tried a cream blush before. Originally I was worried about how dark the pink was, but it is much less pigmented on the skin. It goes on really well, and just one or two swipes of the brush does the trick. It has lasted me quite a long time!
4. MAC LipstickHands down my favorite lipstick in so, so many shades. Current shade favorites: Velvet Teddy, Diva Antics, Captive, and Twig. I love this in all of the formulas and I find it to last me throughout the day. Plus, MAC has an awesome recycling program, so make sure to save your empty tubes and cash them in!
5. Rosebud SalveI have been using this since I was a teenager and I love it! It keeps my lips hydrated and prevents a lot of chapping from all of my lipstick wearing days. Also, I use it on dry parts of my hands, like my knuckles. Great to just throw into a bag, because it has a nice tint to it as well.
6. BareMinerals Mineral Veil (Hydrating)I use this every single day to seal my foundation and give my skin a nice glow. I opted for the hydrating version because I have combination skin. Although I do tend to get oily, my skin also gets dry in places, so this powder is perfect for my skin. It leaves a light layer and it doesn’t look like I have any powder on at all. It also gives a nice, dull shine to my skin (a luminescent glow).
7. MAC Prep + Prime MistI used to use a lotion for my skin as a primer, but I found it to be too heavy. My makeup would look and feel much heavier, so I decided to switch to this mist instead. It is amazing as a primer and gives my skin a nice, healthy glow. It also is quite light and doesn’t cake up my makeup. I sometimes use it as a finishing spray to set my makeup as well.
8. E.L.F. Lip ExfoliatorI have posted about this product several times and I still rave about it. I have had the same one for the last year and it is still going strong. I use it every day (and sometimes at night) before I apply my lipstick, in order to exfoliate my lips properly and remove any excess skin. Seriously, this is the best for caring for my lips!
9. Redken Fashion Work 12 HairspraySince I cut my hair and have been coloring it a bit more, some of my older hair products didn’t seem to work as well. I went to Ulta recently and asked about a really light hairspray. The man recommended this to me and even had me test it out. It is the lightest hairspray that I have ever used and it brushes out so well! It is super buildable and I love that it doesn’t leave that crispy texture in my hair.
10. Real Techniques SpongeI started using this because of a recommendation from a friend at work. She saw a beauty blender in my bag one day and told me about this sponge. I decided to give this a try, especially since a 2 pack is 10 bucks. I absolutely love it and the flat edge on it is amazing! Totally a perfect replacement for the beauty blender!
11. Evian Face SprayI linked the 3 pack here because I carry it with me every single day. If my face is feeling dry, or my skin has been through a beating throughout the day, I use a little of this. I just give my skin a quick spray and it is a really nice way to wake up my skin and sometimes myself. It’s also great when I have a super long day at work and have to reapply makeup or refresh.
12. Ole Henriksen Cleansing ClothsI have a few packs of these: a pack I carry in my bag and a pack at home. I use this particular set because they are meant for sensitive skin and they don’t rub my skin raw. Sometimes I find makeup wipes to leave my skin a bit raw after removing my makeup, and these are so soft. I usually buy the 100 pack, which runs about $30.

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  1. 1.18.16
    Abi Street said:

    I haven’t seen the ELF Lip Exfoliator before and it definitely sounds like something I need! Great picks x

    Abi | abistreetx

  2. 1.18.16
    Alecz said:

    I’m loving that deep red lipstick! Great colour.

  3. 1.18.16

    SO far I have been faithful to my original beauty blender, but maybe I should replace it with a Real Techniques one next time I need to. They are very affordable compared to the original.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  4. 1.18.16
    Mary Kate said:

    I love any and everything from Bare Minerals!

    Mary Kate

  5. 1.18.16

    You’re the second person who mentioned about Rosebud salve, I take that as a sign that I must try it. And I have two Revlon cream blush waiting for me to open and use, I might give it a go today!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  6. 1.18.16

    Great beauty favourites!

  7. 1.19.16
    Judy said:
  8. 1.19.16
    Jane said:
  9. 1.19.16
    Ivy said:
  10. 1.19.16
    Hermosa said:

    Super love perfect

  11. 1.19.16
    alice said:

    Hey that’s amazing, these pics looks cool!

    Alice Cerea,
    Alice Cerea blogger

  12. 1.19.16
    Ashley said:

    Three cheers for Evian face spray- this stuff is the jaaaaam!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  13. 1.20.16
    Pam said:

    the mac prep and prime is one I have yet to try! I didnt know about mac’s recycling programme!!!

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  14. 1.20.16
    Ramonne said:

    Thank you for sharing dear. I am out shopping!

  15. 4.28.16
    Sherry said:

    I’m relaly into it, thanks for this great stuff!

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