Workwear Wednesday: Questions Answered

12545380_814346205354858_1027526460_nI want to start off Workwear Wednesday by saying thank you so much!! This is new series that I started has been my most popular so far! Every Wednesday for the last few months, I have been posting workwear outfits, as I know so many of my followers and readers work. So many of my outfits every week involve workwear pieces, so I wanted to find a way to incorporate them into my blog. This posting series has been my most popular by far and I cannot thank you enough. I know my blog isn’t super big, so I never expect a ton of emails, page views, or followers. However, I have seen my numbers and followings increase, and on some Wednesdays, I see up to 8,000 page views, which seriously seems so insane from my end! I just like to share my daily outfit inspirations and hope that a few people can use it to style themselves. Since this series started, I have received a lot of emails covering many different topics related to my workwear choices, so I thought I would address them today! If you have any other questions, or there is anything that I did not touch upon, please feel free to reach out to me! 

Where do you like to shop for your work clothing?
I typically find myself shopping the most at Loft, Ann Taylor, and Banana Republic. While I mix in other pieces here and there, I know that usually I can find proper sizing/fit in these brands. I also like to shop at all 3 of these because they offer petite options in almost everything they make. Also, they always tend to have sales, so definitely wait for one of their sales. Never buy full price from these stores!

What size do you wear and do you shop petites?
I wear anywhere from a size 8-size 12 depending on what I am buying. Depending on the material involved, and if it has spandex in it or not, I will have to size up or down. For skirts, I am generally anywhere between a 10-12 at most stores, and tops vary so much. I do shop petites most times, especially in pants. I have a longer torso and shorter legs, so my inseam is really small. I also shop petites in many of the skirts and dresses I buy as well. I am 5’3″, so while I am not that short, I still find them to fit much better overall.

Do you wear heels to work a lot?
I tend to wear heels at least a few times a week to work. I find myself doing so more in the summer and spring, as I find black tights to be pretty limited with shoe options. I like to elongate my legs, seriously I have stumps, so heels or pointed flats tend to work the best for me.

What is your favorite work piece? 
I would have to say it would be my skirts from J.Crew Factory. I love that they have a stretchy waistband and they can be worn in several places on the body. I also love that they come in so many colors, it gives me so many options.

I see you driving a lot in your snapchats. What do you do for work?
Basically, I do technology consulting. I currently work for a technology-based math program for a charter school network, and I oversee their technology and operations. I also do some technology work on the side for people and businesses. I tend to always have multiple jobs and have done so pretty much since I started working.

Do you only wear dresses and skirts to work? 
Funny thing: so many of the students where I work have kept a count of how many times I have worn pants since I started working. I will do casual Friday with jeans, but it is very rare that I wear pants to work. I have always found pants (especially work pants) to never fit me quite right and I prefer them usually to sit higher on my waist or have a larger band. In general, I just feel more comfortable in dresses and skirts.


Do you add accessories to every outfit?
Definitely a yes! You will pretty much always find me wearing some sort of necklace with most outfits. If not, I am usually wearing bracelets. Actually, make that always wearing bracelets. I am a firm believer in adding jewelry to any outfit haha.

What time do you usually go to work? Your snaps are always so early.
I usually wake up around 4:30-5 depending on the day. I tend to leave my house anywhere between 5:30-6:15. I think I snap so early because some mornings I feel a bit more bitter.

I see you have a lot of Tory Burch shoes in your posts. Are they your favorite for work? 
I do have a lot! Sometimes I worry that I post them too much!! I have some that I bought in college and still wear today. I also worked for Tory Burch for a few months and hoarded quite a few pairs while doing so! I find them to be comfy once they are broken in, (not before) and I like that I can mix and match them with so much.


What is your favorite bag for work? 
Hands down the York Tote from Tory Burch. It is my favorite because of the sleeve already built into the bag, which makes it so easy for carrying my laptop every single day. I also love that it is bigger, so I am able to carry so many items in it at one time. If you just saw my previous post about what I carry in my bag, you would understand!

Do you have any recommendations for people just starting a work wardrobe? 
Find staple pieces! Although, I think that is key in any wardrobe. Find some button downs, skirts, and dresses (and probably pants) that fit you well and you feel comfortable in. Also, find a good tailor. If you are going to be shelling out good money for some items, make sure they fit well and button properly. You never want your pants too long or baggy, or gaping holes in your shirts (this has happened to me). Also, if you find an item that you love, don’t be afraid to buy it in multiple colors! I own that J.crew skirt in like 6 colors.

 Do you have any ideas for curvier or larger girls to find workwear clothing?
Well I definitely fit into this category, so I can try my best to give some options. I tend to go for wider bands on pencil skirts and pants. I find that it locks me in a bit better and I just feel comfortable overall. I also like stretchier skirts, or skirts with a stretchier band. They tend to fit me better and move with me throughout the day. Also size up in tops and get them tailored down in certain places if you need to. If you are top heavy (like me) then buying shirts in your actual size never seems to work.

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  1. 2.3.16
    Kelsey&Kenecha said:

    Lovely! I like that bag!


  2. 2.3.16
    Candice said:

    I love the chunky necklaces

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  3. 2.3.16

    Love it! Your workwear style is always so chic. Love how you make work attire fun and fashionable! x

    Audrey Adair |

  4. 2.3.16

    Fun post! Q&As are always so fun with bloggers because you learn more about their real life style in it’s execution. I LOVE J Crew Factory too and almost always shop on sale anywhere as well! XO

  5. 2.3.16

    What a wonderful series! I wear scrubs to work, but I’m looking forward to more of these.
    xo, Lily

  6. 2.4.16
    Pam said:

    that is too funny, I only wear pants to work lol but most specifically, black skinny jeans :p I cba with dresses and skirts haha
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  7. 2.4.16

    J Crew sell some lovely pieces ♥

  8. 2.4.16
    Leigha said:

    I’m really loving that fur vest! Looks so fluffy – what a great way to ride out the rest of winter!

  9. 2.4.16
    Carina said:

    Lovely look! Love the necklace!


  10. 2.4.16
    Amy Ann said:

    8,000 page views in a day?! That is awesome girl! This is a great series. I love getting some workwear inspo from you. It’s fun to hear what you do for a living too. I’m always curious what goes on behind the blog. 😉

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  11. 2.19.16
    Ivy said:
    Great photos. Lovely and inspiring designs.

  12. 2.19.16
    Ivy said:
    These are so fantastic. Wonderful look!