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  1. Good to know you like that Burt’s Bees lipstick! I wanted to purchase it but wasn’t so sure as I have yet to see many reviews on it but definitely will be picking up some soon.

    ps: Loving your natural hair, Denise, it’s seriously gorgeous!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  2. Nice spoon!I’ve made poached eggs this way for years.I also dunk the egg in cold water or carefully run a stream of cold water near the edge of the egg to remove all the &#tra6;w18e2y’ albumen before cooking.Of course using the freshest of eggs makes a big difference too! : )

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  8. budaya adem ayemnya maksud saya, menjadi kelebihan. ketika semua gusar. Di sini tenang, gotong royong, bersih-bersih lingkungan Rt … haha … yang terpenting Antar mahasiswa seluruh indonesia terus berinteraksi dan sharing … biar makin maju … Semoga menjadi kemajuan positif dan menggantikan posisi bobrok pemerintahan sekarang … Amiin

  9. The right to keep and bear arms is the most important right in the Constitution. If we cannot protect ourselves from enemies and a tyrannical government then we have not free speak or other freedoms we hold dear. Without the right to protect ourselves from criminals and enemies then we are not citizens. We are “Subjects!” So get a conceal carry permit with instruction about the weapon and the laws, rules and regulations and begin practicing. You can even get excellent training in most cities and towns. Do not become victims…BE AMERICANS!

  10. I made croissants last week! It took me two days and I got about 16 as well 🙂 I'm posting them next week because it's also taking me about a week to write everything out!! Well done!

  11. Ja, igen az izzadásra nem is tértem ki. Számomra az egyik legegyértelműbb élettani jele annak, hogy az ember növényevő, az, hogy izzad. A ragadozó állatoknak ugyanis nincsenek izzadságmrigyeik. Ugyanakkor a húsevő emberek szervezete "leszokik" az izzadásról, ami arra utal, hogy a testük csatornái sokkal jobban el vannak tömődve, mint a vegetáriánusoké. Persze vannak kivételek, de szerintem lehet összefüggés a táplálkozás és az izzadás között.

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