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  1. You look amazing in your workout gear, Denise! And love your conversations about body positivity. It’s so important to not only love and appreciate our own bodies, but compliment and empower other women. No matter our size, we all have the same struggles in finding our “happy place” with our own figures. So glad to be living in a time where more and more women are embracing their natural figures and loving it! xx

    Audrey Adair-Keene |

  2. One thing for sure there’s no ideal size. We will never be able to please people, there will always be someone unsatisfied with the way we look, dress and act. We are all beautiful with our different sizes, shapes and colors!


    Tamara –

  3. We all have trouble with our bodies! I was looking for a brand that knows how to please a woman. You look fabulous sporty!

  4. You look amazing in all of this gear babe! I think it’s so important to have the discussion your having. Regardless of size we as women we all struggle with this issue to some degree. I never realized the importance of being body positive until I had my daughter. I remember a specific time making a comment about my far from tone and stretch marked tum in front of her and had a realization of OH MY GOODNESS I cannot and will not ever speak negativity out loud again! I think I actually heard myself for the first time. I never would want her to every think having stretch marks is something to be upset about. Thankfully she was 1 1/2 at the time and I doubt she’ll remember but it was a very enlightened moment for me. Thanks for sharing this post! What a great conversation to have!

    Amanda |

  5. As a curvy Asian woman living in Malaysia (yes, not asians are petite!) I fell in love with the brand ideology active during my recent NYC visit.
    I must however mention how heartbroken I am to find out that I can’t buy any of their gorgeous new season looks as I can’t seem to access the Macy website?
    Any form of advise on how to go about purchasing their gorgeous new collections is greatly appreciated.

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