Favorite Looks of 2016

Hey all and happy last Friday of 2016! Sooo crazy to be saying that! I feel like as I continue to get older, these years fly by sooo much quicker. It has been 5 years since graduating from college, 2 since moving back from Korea, and 7 years since I left to study abroad in the United Arab Emirates. While I have had some memorable years, this one has taken me places I could have only ever dreamed of. I worked with some incredible brands, met some amazing people, and was able to really change the dynamic and feel of this blog!
Thank you so much to everyone supporting me throughout this entire journey! It has been such an experience, and your support has not been overlooked. I promise I read every comment, DM, tweet, and email. If I ever forget to respond, please just reach back out. I have some exciting giveaways coming up in the early part of this year, plus some fun projects.
I have rounded up a bunch of my favorite looks (and the ones I heard about the most) from this past year. There is quite a theme in most of them…. as my hair is still blonde in almost all of them. Since I have gone back to dark, I have seriously been contemplating some sort of shift for the coming year. If you have followed along with me, you know my hair has changed quite a bit!
Hope you all have an amazing end to your year and start to a new one!

Probably one of my favorite dresses ever, mainly because of the back. I wore it for several events and for a speaking event as well. You can see the full post HERE!

This was hands down my favorite shoot ever. We were looking for somewhere with a bunch of flowers and stumbled upon this when driving around. The photos turned out beautifully! You can see the original post HERE

This was my favorite workwear combo that I put together. I really loved the colors together and love how well the outfit looked overall. Check out the full post HERE

I was obsessed with this print when I first saw it online. The colors were so vibrant and the whole dress is just so gorgeous! One of my favorite maxi dresses for any occasion. Check out the post HERE

Probably my favorite wall find ever! I love this olive jacket and how it just draped so beautifully! I love the overall look and ease of this whole outfit. Check out the post HERE

I have worn this dress to work sooo many times. I think I love it so much because of the way it flatters my body! Check out the post HERE

I am in love with this kimono and wore it a lot over the summer. I loved the super vibrant print on it and just loved how fun and colorful it is! Check out the post HERE

I remember getting this sweater and knowing there was a plaid wall I had passed recently that would match perfectly. I just love the way this sweater looks belted! Check it out HERE

I rarely wear leather, but took a chance with this leather skirt. I loved how chic this whole look turned out. Check out the look HERE

I wore this top with everything all summer! I loved how this whole look came together and all the colors in it as well! Check out the post HERE!

This is probably one of my favorite casual looks because it was so rare and different for me. I love how the whole thing came together. You can check out the look HERE

I have worn this dress to work basically every season and I wear it a lotttt. Loved how I was able to find a wall to match this dress. Check out the post HERE

Hope you all have an amazing New Year’s Celebration! Wishing you the best for the coming year. If there is anything that you really want to see for the following year, feel free to reach out.
I have some things and projects coming up next year that I am super excited about. Also, I launched a website for my photography, which I do on the side from time to time. I will be adding that link on here in the coming days! Thank you for your continuous support throughout these past 2 years!

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