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  1. Looks like you had such an amazing time in DC! That Toyota is amazing and I remember seeing it on your stories!

  2. Wow, what a fun time you had in DC! Loved seeing all your stories from being there and it looks like you had some fun wall art to see, but maybe not as much as Chicago lol.
    I have a Camry now, but I am not sure mine is this fancy!

    xoxo, Dafne

  3. This looks like a ton of fun and you got to see some great places.


  4. I live here but don’t have instagram. Please let me know next time you are around, I would love to meet xxx.
    I had no idea all these street art existed.



  5. I have a Camry and mine looks nothing like this (it’s a 2008) lol. Looks like you had so much fun.


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