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Hey all and happy Wednesday! Hope you all are having such a great week so far! As you know, last week I was in DC and Philly and definitely had a blast! I had been in DC recently in April, but mainly for work, so I was not able to get around and see as much!

This time, I was more in DC for myself and I really wanted to get around… and obviously find some murals! As some of you know, I called DC home for a little over 4 years! I went to college there and lived there for a year after as well. I actually never had a car while living there, so having a car this time was such a blessing!

I am so thankful to blogging and all the places it has taken me, especially since I was able to have this amazing opportunity from Toyota to try out their new Camry and test drive it around the city! As you saw on my stories, the car is amazing! It had a gorgeous red interior and drove like a dream! Since it was new as well, it had a rear camera, so I could still parallel in a much quicker amount of time haha! It also had blind spot monitoring and it drove so smoothly!

Since I have lived in DC before, I really wanted to get to see places I have not really been through! I know there is so much amazing street art and I was finally able to see some of it! So, the Toyota got me around so much of DC/VA/MD and I was able to see some spots I probably never would have been able to get to!

The full mural is a really fun playful scene depicting children gardening!
1814 Adams Mill Rd NW (Adams Morgan)

Watermelon Mural (Logan Circle)
11th & Q St NW

Mural on the side of the Cardozo Shaw Cleaners
2712 11th St NW (Columbia Heights)

Crystal City Mural
Crystal City, VA

Blind Whino (A Former Baptist Church converted into a colorful arts/ cultural center)
700 Delaware Ave SW

Tacos, Tortas, & Tequila
8407 Ramsey Ave, Silver Spring, MD

Mural on the side of the Cardozo Shaw Cleaners
2712 11th St NW (Columbia Heights)

The interior of this car was amazing! I shared quite a bit of it on stories, but thought I would share some before all my clothing was in it!



5 responses to “Around DC”

  1. Jennifer says:

    Looks like you had such an amazing time in DC! That Toyota is amazing and I remember seeing it on your stories!

  2. Dafne Dougherty says:

    Wow, what a fun time you had in DC! Loved seeing all your stories from being there and it looks like you had some fun wall art to see, but maybe not as much as Chicago lol.
    I have a Camry now, but I am not sure mine is this fancy!

    xoxo, Dafne

  3. Alexandra Gustopolous says:

    This looks like a ton of fun and you got to see some great places.


  4. Madeleine G says:

    I live here but don’t have instagram. Please let me know next time you are around, I would love to meet xxx.
    I had no idea all these street art existed.



  5. Cassandra Frias says:

    I have a Camry and mine looks nothing like this (it’s a 2008) lol. Looks like you had so much fun.


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