There’s No Shame In Being Prepared

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Hey all and happy Friday! It is finally the end of the week and the beginning of hopefully an amazing weekend! I am speaking on a panel tonight and going to an opening of a store/ brand that a good friend of mine just launched. Any exciting plans for the week ahead?
There is a lot of pressure being a woman and trying to live up to standards of how you think you should look, dress, or feel. There can also be a lot of shame that can come with that as well… shame for wearing the wrong outfit, being the wrong size, or shame for being “sexually promiscuous”.
Men are often celebrated for their actions, while women tend to feel a lot more shameful for doing the exact same actions men are doing. There is a very large societal stigma around women and their sexual habits… we are made to feel like our sexual options and desires need to be hidden from the world and kept under wraps.
With a lot of that shame and societal pressure comes a lack of knowledge as well. Sometimes we don’t know our options, which makes us ill-prepared for the unexpected. I’ve partnered with Preventeza™ (from the makers of Vagisil®) to let you know that you are not alone, and that being prepared is not shameful… rather it is a thing of power! 

1-in-2 women may need emergency contraception at some point in their lifetime, and chances are you or someone you know is one of them!
1-in-2 means your sister, cousin, friend, roommate, or even yourself. Staying prepared for the unexpected can be tough, but knowing your options can help ease the burden a bit!
Because “We are One in Two”, Vagisil® is currently making it a bit easier to make sure you stay prepared, and possibly help out someone as well. Currently, when you purchase a pack of Preventeza™, you can buy one get one (or give one) via the  Vagisil website!

You should never feel ashamed for your sexual desires as a woman, and you should never feel ashamed for possibly having to use emergency contraception!
This video does a great job of showing you that you are not alone, and that your options are available to you, whenever you choose.


So, remember the next time you feel like your sexual beliefs or needs are on trial, know that you stand with so many other women who have felt shamed by societal stigmas as well.
Being prepared is powerful and there is no shame in that!

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  1. 11.30.18

    Being prepared is powerful! YES! I love this message and could not agree more!

  2. 12.2.18
    ashley hargrove said:

    This is such a great and informative post. Being prepared is so important and I am glad you’re spreading awareness!!

  3. 12.2.18

    Thanks for the informative post and your outfit is too cute!

  4. 12.3.18
    Liz said:

    First off, your outfit is just beautiful! Secondly, you can never be too prepared – love this!

  5. 12.3.18
    Nailil said:

    I love this message. And I applaud Vagisil for creating such product!

    Xx, Nailil

  6. 12.3.18
    Greta said:

    You’re right, it is so important to be prepared! Love how open and honest you are about this subject!

  7. 12.3.18
    Ada said:

    Being prepared is so important and I stand by everything you said in this post.

  8. 12.3.18

    so glad you wrote about this and having ZERO shame for our wants/needs/etc.

  9. 12.4.18
    Bernice said:

    Great awareness post! Women should definitely always have a kit ready so they’re prepared for whatever their body needs. Also helps a friend in need!

  10. 12.6.18
    Jessica said:

    This is super informative dear! Thanks for sharing this!
    Jessica |