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  1. That’s a gorgeous set! I think it’s awesome that brands are changing and being more inclusive, especially with underwear since it can be so uncomfortable if it’s not the right fit.

  2. You look stunning! And I LOVE that these are high waisted!

    Madison |

  3. I’ve never heard of this brand but they sound great! Love this cute matching set, it looks amazing on you!

    xx Mollie

  4. Yes, girl, YES. These pieces are not only sexy, but they look incredibly comfortable too! Plus, the gingham you chose is like the cutest EVER. It makes me so happy that these intimates have boosted your confidence as well! That’s the best feeling!

  5. You are rocking the heck out of this set! So happy that you are feeling more comfortable in your skin. It’s so cute by the way!

  6. I HATE that you had to deal with such terrible comments when you were younger. Kids can be so mean ugh!! BUT, I absolutely love that you have embraced such an amazing attitude of self-love. You are stunning and this set looks so good on you!!

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