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  1. Those pants are so fabulous and fun! I love the colors and the slit in the leg!

  2. That has always been my fear with wide leg pants as well, I’m always scared they might make me look bigger but those are gorgeous, I love all the colours. And I think the top looks great with those pants, it looks super romantic and fun.

  3. These pants look amazing! Love this look!

    Madison |

  4. Love how you matched the outfit to your background! And I don’t think the pants make you look large at all. I think the slits help to balance you out as well. You look fab in this style and color!

  5. I love the fun and quirky pants and how you paired them with the fluttery top. Unique and beautiful! I’m sorry you’ve been having such struggles with your website. Here’s hoping everything stays calm and easy for you from here on out!

  6. I don’ t know how you always manage to find the perfect mural to match your outfits but I am jealous! Those pants are so fabulous!

  7. These are perfect for the summer! Love how those slits provide lots of ventilation! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I definitely need to get a pair..

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