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  1. I’ve browsed the site before and truly love the selection they have available!

  2. Rent the Runway has always been so appealing to me, and as a blogger, I definitely want to give them a try at some point. I truly love the picks you grabbed during the month you tested out Unlimited. It makes me want to try out the same program. The closest store to me is a few hours away, but it’d be worth the trip every once in a while!

  3. I love Rent the Runway so much, but I’ve never actually made a move on ordering/renting anything yet! Thanks for breaking down the pricing. It was really cool to see everything you rented!

  4. Wow so many great, stunning options!! I’ve been contemplating trying RTR unlimited out but am always a bit hesitant, but I am loving what I am seeing!

  5. I love rent the runway for special occasions! Saves money and lets you try brands and reduces buying things youโ€™d like only wear once too! Thatโ€™s a win

  6. oh m gosh, you picked SUCH great pieces! I am in love with that dotted ML Monique Lhuillier dress!

  7. Yes girl!! You seriously rocked all of these! I love that dress with the multi-colored skirt and black top. My fave!

  8. That is a LOT to rent!! Also, I must say that I am SO GLAD you own your plus size and wear bold colors and patterns. So many girls I know that are plus hide behind neutrals and bigger clothing. I mean, the second dress looks WAY better on you than the tiny model – your curves rock it and allow the flowy-ness to shine. Love your choices!!

  9. How cute!! I love RTR – I have used them a few times in the past. They have the best selection on styles that are always on trend!

  10. OK I can’t even handle you! That Aldomartins dress looks freakin amazing on you! I can’t decide whether that one or the first floral one is my favorite! I always LOVE the way you work with colors! You’re so chic girl!

  11. I have never used them but really love the concept from a sustainability angle!

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