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By reading or following along with my blog, you know that I love lipstick and wear it in every post. I really love lipstick, lipgloss, and anything I can mix & match with different outfits. I love how it can really tie any outfit together or just make your makeup pop! Despite my growing collection of lip colors, I have made it my mission to find the best shades and brands. It is no secret that I will try out any lip color & shade, and these are truly some of my favorite shades and brands.


 MAC “Pink Plaid” (matte): I know there are several different MAC colors on here, but the reason I love this brand so much is because of the versatility. This is a matte lipstick and one of my go-to shades for a more neutral palette and everyday shade. This matte isn’t hydrating but also isn’t drying. When it starts to wear off, I can just layer it back on, especially since it is such a light color. I would recommend before wearing this to make sure and use a balm before applying. Since it is a matte lipstick, it does get a bit drying after some hours. Lasts me about 5 hours before having to reapply.

Chanel “L’Exuberante” (velvet matte): This is a matte as well, but a more rich and velvet kind of lipstick. It goes on smoothly and the color is a hot pink and I love it. I find it to be a bit more drying than my normal lip colors, but the color is amazing. It lasts about 4 hours with eating and drinking, and I find it really only wears off on the inside part of the lips. Would highly recommend exfoliating and moisturizing before wearing this lipstick.

NARS “Janet” (velvet): This lipstick is super pigmented and I love it. This happens to be a more berry shade of pink, with hints of purple in it. It is labeled as a velvet lip color, but I find it to be more of a matte when it dries. The nice thing about this lip color is that you only need one layer, I would not recommend layering this or it will become too thick. This lasts incredibly long, about 6 hours for me with eating and drinking. If you need to reapply, I would suggest wiping it off and reapplying. I find it to be drying only if layered too much.

MAC “Impassioned” (Amplified, Creamy): This is definitely one of the creamier shades that I own. It is a more coral & neon color and I adore it. If you are not afraid to wear such a bold color, then I highly recommend it! It looks a bit different online than it does in person. It is a bit more pink in person and in application. I would highly suggest either using a liner with it or lining it with a concealer or foundation after application. I found it to bleed a bit and the color is quite intense. Since it is so creamy, it does tend to take a bit longer to dry. Make sure to give it a bit more time to dry. Also, I would recommend only one layer for this, otherwise it takes forever to dry and becomes super bright (this I know from experience). I found it to last quite long, about 4-5 hours. If you plan to reapply, make sure to wipe off when reapplying.

MAC Mineralize “So Good” (creamy & rich): This is easily the creamiest lipstick that I own. There is nothing drying about this lip at all. It is quite shiny and will keep a nice sheen the entire time that you wear it. Being so creamy, it does take a bit longer to dry. I would not recommend wearing white with it, unless you put on the shirt first (I speak from experience). I would highly recommend after applying this to line it with some concealer or foundation and setting with some powder. I find this one to bleed if you don’t line it with something. Although it bleeds, it is one of my favorite colors. It has a nice bright pink, almost red hue to it. It lasts me a longgg time with eating and drinking. It will get on your teeth though, so make sure to double check!  I would also recommend putting on a balm first before applying, as this will for sure stain lips a little, even when using a makeup remover.

Revlon “Sweetheart” (Balm Lip Crayon): This is listed as a balm stain, but I would consider it more of a lipstick because of the way it applies. There are two options for this, the lip crayon, which is what I have shown here and an actual stain. I have used the stain before, and it is the non-lip crayon version. I find that one to be much less pigmented and very drying, so I prefer this version! I find this color to be very pigmented and I have this lip crayon in many colors. For the price, I find it to be one of my favorite lip colors. The staying power is not as long as others, I find it to last about 4 hours. When it wears off, it kind of leaves that outer ring of lip color, so I would suggest keeping it on you for reapplication. It reapplies very easily and layers really well. This is incredibly creamy and this color in particular remains fairly shiny all day.

I hope all these reviews help. I wanted to share some of my favorite colors and brands with you. While these colors may not work best for your skin tone, I think this can still serve as a guide for each lipstick itself, regardless of which color you choose. There is a wide range of lip textures here, so I hope this helps! I suggested for a few that you take it off to reapply and trust me I have done the leg work! With a few of these, they become super drying or way too heavy if you don’t wipe it off to reapply!

Hope you enjoyed this and would love to hear your thoughts! What is your favorite pink lip?

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  1. 4.8.15
    Sarah said:

    The coral lipstick looks so nice 🙂

    Sarah |

  2. 4.8.15

    GIrl you do know how to rock the lipstick! I love how you’ve included examples of you wearing the shades!


  3. 4.8.15
    Candice said:

    These are all such gorgeous shade. Can’t pick a favourite!!


  4. 4.8.15

    Oh wow! I am a lipstick and gloss fan myself, wearing more lipstick now than ever. I love how you show cased the colors, very well done! Fan of Mac recently myself :))

    Much Love,

  5. 4.8.15
    Jessi said:

    Love everything about this post! So cute and fresh!

    xox Jessi

  6. 4.8.15
    Melanie said:

    This is such a great guide– and really useful for people like me! Thanks for sharing!
    Melanie @

  7. 4.8.15
    Megan said:

    I just bought my first nice pink lipstick! Mine is Mac cremesheen “Speed Dial” and I love it! These are all really fun colors and look great on you!

  8. 4.8.15

    I am in love with pinks this year..I’ve collected quite a few of them as well! It’s a great color lip on you!

  9. 4.8.15

    love the barbie pink

  10. 4.8.15

    Oh, this post is right up my alley! As you already know, I am a lipstick addict so I love reading this. Love how detailed your explanation is on each lipstick, very informative and this is a very well written guide. And I think I’m going to wear Mac Impassioned today just because you reminded me of it again. xx

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  11. 4.8.15
    Rachel said:

    This is such an awesome recap of all your lipstick! I love all the pink shades, and the pink plaid is the perfect everyday lipstick! That hot pink is just fabulous though! Happy Wednesday!

    xo, Rachel

  12. 4.8.15
    Gabrielle said:

    Neutral pink will always be my favourite! I’m got my eye on a couple of MAC lipsticks right now actually and so i’ll look into this one too 🙂 I hope your week is going well so far, Denise!!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  13. 4.8.15
    Nina said:

    Great review . Love all these shades. xx

  14. 4.8.15
    Karen said:

    Such a gorgeous selection of pinks! I’ve had my eye on Pink Plaid for a while now, I really ought to pick it up 🙂


  15. 4.8.15
    Rachel said:

    I haven’t tried any of these brands or colors for that matter, but I like the Berry and Barbie pinks on you! It is amazing what lipstick can do and I need to invest in more of them.
    Rachel xo

    Garay Treasures

  16. 4.8.15

    Love all the colors! They all are very flattering on you. Personally, I like to stick more to the nude or rosy pinks, but think brighter hues are really fun!

  17. 4.8.15

    I share a love for lipstick as well. I love your choices, they all look so beautiful on you! Some of my favorite brands of lipstick are, YSL & Dior. I would definitely check them out if you haven’t already!! Happy Wednesday!
    xo, claudia

  18. 4.8.15
    Kelsey&Kenecha said:

    All gorgeous shades. I love pinks, as of now I only have one pink lipstick but I seen some the other day that I wanted to get 😀 Lately I have been into purple as well, I love all the bright colors 😀


  19. 4.8.15

    You have an awesome collection of lipsticks! I think NARS Janet is my favorite on you (hey….we both posted about a Janet today….what a coincidence! LOL) but they are all really gorgeous! MAC is my favorite lipstick brand but one of these days I want to try YSL. They look so glossy and of course, the packing is gorgeous too!
    Gina – On the Daily Express

  20. 4.8.15

    Hi Denise!
    Beautiful shades of lipstics! You look s pretty with any of them!
    Happy evening!

  21. 4.8.15
    Amy Ann said:

    This is fun! Love seeing the lipstick next to you in the look! I am not much of a beauty expert, and I am super cheap about my products but I love that Revlon stain.

    Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  22. 4.8.15
    mahryska said:

    love the guide!! im your resident red lips and nude kinda gal 🙂
    kisses from dubai ♥

  23. 4.8.15
    Carolyn said:

    this guide is so helpful! it’s great to be able to see the color on someone’s lips and not just a hand swatch

  24. 4.8.15
    Jill said:

    This is a helpful guide! All of these shades are gorgeous but I love the Mac Pink Plaid!

    Doused In Pink

  25. 4.8.15
    Vanessa said:

    You look simply amazing in all pics first of all! And I really enjoyed this post! Swoon worthy! You rock lipstick like not other! Also, thank you SO much for always being so kind and supportive! Means the world to me! Sending you much love, darling!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  26. 4.8.15

    I love all of these…the shades are beautiful!

  27. 4.8.15
    Anna said:

    I love you in the coral and hot pink! And such a great post! Love this! XO


  28. 4.8.15
    Deniz said:

    This is a great post, Denise! I will definitely check out some of your favorites – bright pink is one of my favorites as well. It’s funny, my fave bright pink is New York Color 405 Blue Rose (: It’s like $2!

    – Deniz

  29. 4.8.15
    Tina said:

    The neutral pink is perfect for every day wear! All the other colors are pretty too!


  30. 4.9.15

    What a cute post. I really really like it. My favourite lipstick colour as of this moment is more neutral. I used to be wearing a lot of red but maintaining it is really hard so I realized when you go more neutral, no one will notice if it is not perfect for the entire day:)

  31. 4.9.15
    Ashley said:

    MAC Pink Plaid is suuuuch a classic color. I need to check out the rest of your rec’s! So pretty!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  32. 4.9.15
    Zarrah said:

    I so love pink shades of lipstick
    So chic looking

    Check my new post.
    The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin

  33. 4.9.15
    Rachel said:

    Love all of these lipsticks and they all really suit your skintone! I especially love the Chanel one! x

    Beyond The Velvet | Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

  34. 4.9.15

    Omg! This is the best thing I have ever seen! Thank you so much for making this! SO fabulous!!!

  35. 4.9.15
    beth said:

    I love the hot pink on you. but my personal favorite is a bright red!


  36. 4.10.15
    nunzia said:

    i like all the colors, loveeeee MAC! 😉

    Big hug for you
    Check it out my new post:

  37. 4.10.15

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    I’ve got youu bookmarked to check out new things you post…

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  38. 4.14.15
    Shannon said:

    The coral pink is perfect! I will need to add that one to my collection!!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles