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10948938_863536757061766_1979333063_nInstagram has been a huge driving factor in growing my blog. There is definitely outreach that I can do through instagram that I cannot through my blog. While I love instagram, it really only shows one moment, one quick snapshot. I like to share the photos from time to time and just give a little behind the scenes info. Like this photo, where I actually attempted something with my hair this summer. I typically let my hair air dry or blow dry it and then just put it in a bun for volume. I love the heat but I really don’t do well in it and my hair always tends to curl.11371283_101864413500001_669916640_n
This meal was AMAZING! It was from Farmhouse Evanston and all of it was perfection. I eat meat but try to hold back on it from time to time. I got the tofu with sun dried tomatoes, broccoli, and almonds. I also got a side of baked mac n cheese.

One of my new favorite purchases from Old Navy. I have this tee dress in several colors!
Dress | | Shoes | | Necklace | | Bag

The shoes I scored at Forever 21! I love how unique they both are.
Metallic Shoes | | Burgundy Flats

I LOVE my coffee. From time to time I like to just sit down and unwind with a cup and a dessert. I like to sort out my almond milk, brown sugar, and sugar most times.

My pretty standard work outfit. A simple white dress, a light sweater, a belt, and flats. I generally like to keep my work outfits fairly toned down most days.
Dress | | Sweater | | Flats | | Belt | | Necklace | | Bag

I love these shoes but they were a PAIN to break in and I am still breaking them in some days. I did not pay full price for them, that’s for sure. I actually found them at a high end retail shop. Honestly, the actual price was way too much to stomach.

Made this breakfast sandwich recently. I cooked and egg, added some bacon, an avocado, and an everything bagel. SO GOOD.

My daily reminder. Some days I just need a good kick to get myself going and work for it.

I spoke about this a bit and just did a giveaway on the blog for this! I met up with designer Michelle Hur while in NYC and I love her unique pieces. You can check out her jewelry on her site here.

Such a great meetup with fellow blogger, Randi! She is the cutest and sweetest girl and we had such an amazing time touring around the area. Although we did struggle a bit to find each other at first!

Hope you all have such a lovely week!

You can see the winner of my giveaway here! Please email me if you are the winner and I will let you know where to go from there!

Hur Jewelry Giveaway

Winter Fashion


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  1. 8.19.15
    Pam said:

    congrats Amy!

    Love the forever 21 flats, so trendy at the moment! 😀

    I should start posting on Instagram a lot more :p

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  2. 8.19.15

    I like that burgundy flats, yayy.. it looks so appealing for me!
    And Denise, your instagram posts are amazing!

    Jhem |

  3. 8.19.15

    I always love to stop by your blog! You post some of the best stuff! Those shoes are gorgeous! You will have them forever such a collector piece! Happy Wednesday!

  4. 8.19.15

    It’s so fun to get a little more background info on your insta snaps. Your food pics look SO GOOD. Coffee + cookies is one of my favorite treats. I also love those burgundy F21 Flats! So cute!!
    Gina || On the Daily Express

  5. 8.19.15
    Amy Ann said:

    I love Instagram. I do have to remind myself that we are only getting little snaps of the best of people’s day in order not to compare. Your feed is so fun! I cannot believe your hair can air dry and look that good. Jealous!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  6. 8.19.15
    Megan said:

    I love those fishtail braids! All of your Instagrams are amazing!

  7. 8.19.15

    Congratulations to the winner and omg, the food porn is this post is making me soooo hungry and I just finished lunch like half an hour ago.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  8. 8.19.15
    Marta said:

    You have such a fun IG feed and loved this post!! Hope you are having a great week:)

  9. 8.19.15
    Rachel said:

    All of these photos look amazing (especially the shoes and food ones). Thanks for sharing!
    Rachel xo
    Please stop by Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me link up here
    Garay Treasures

  10. 8.20.15

    Your instagram and your blog are both something I love! I always look forward to the new things you have posted. Also, those shoes from F21 are amaaazing!!

    Becky, xx //

  11. 8.20.15
    Zarrah said:

    Lovely instagram photos.
    Such a great inspirations

    The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin | Snapchat: bandwagonchic

  12. 8.24.15
    Renata said:

    Lovely photos. The food, jewellery and shoes… ah the shoes! Love the Valentino pumps but the ones you got from F21 are also so sweet. x

    Speaking Beauty UK | Naked Smoky Palette or Anastasia Contour Kit GIVEAWAY

  13. 8.30.15
    Finn said:

    Nice picture,You look absolutely stunning!