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wrinkle free blog shoots 5Happy Thursday! Hope you all are having such a fabulous week! The weather here has been SUPER muggy/humid, but still trying to appreciate summer while it lasts.
I thought I would finish the week by sharing a little behind the scenes action regarding how I get ready for my blog shoots.

wrinkle free blog shootsI like to try and plan all of my outfits ahead of time, usually sometime during the weekend. I like to have them all set and ready to go, so that we can just go and take pictures the following day. I usually like to hang all of my clothing together, and make sure everything is wrinkle free.
If you have ever had to iron clothing for a blog shoot, or just a lot of clothing at once, you know how much of a pain it can be! I really loathe ironing and I feel like I am always missing spots!

wrinkle free blog shoots 3

Recently, I discovered one of the greatest pieces of technology (in the blogging world) I have ever laid my hands on! This SteamOne steamer is a lifesaver and cuts my blog shoot prep time in half. The steamer heats up so quickly, in about 60 seconds and it is super easy to use!
It has this handy dial on the front that allows you to choose which type of fabric you’re steaming, and it adjusts the temperature and steam flow accordingly. It does an awesome job of getting all of the wrinkles out of my clothing, and I never have to worry about ironing again!
I would say the best part is that it steams more delicate materials, which were so hard to get wrinkles out of with a normal iron.
wrinkle free blog shoots 7

wrinkle free blog shoots 4 wrinkle free blog shoots 2 wrinkle free blog shoots 6I will be attending the Simply Stylist Conference in Chicago on Saturday, July 16th, and I cannot wait to use this product to make sure my outfit is perfect! The Simply Stylist Conference is held in three cities (Chicago, NYC, and L.A.) and is an amazing networking event. It brings together bloggers, beauty experts, techies, and so many other people in the blogging industry and beyond. In case you are in, or near one of these cities, I urge you to grab tickets and attend, especially since I will be there!!

This garment steamer has been a game changer not only for my blog shoots, but for my daily life as well. I use it for all of my work clothing, and all clothing for events as well. In case anyone asks how my clothes look so nice (this does happen, I swear), I plan to share my secret of this steamer!
In case you missed the details on the steamer, you can shop it again: SteamOne T8S Garment Steamer

*Thank you to SteamOne USA and Simply Stylist for sponsoring this post. Thank you for supporting brands that support this blog!

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  1. 7.14.16
    Pam said:

    I need a steamer like this! It sounds like it does the job perfectly well!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  2. 7.14.16
    Shannon said:

    I cannot live without my steamer! I love how this one has a controllable tempature!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  3. 7.14.16
    Nada said:

    great post!


  4. 7.14.16
    Shauna said:

    I’m with you! A steamer totally changed my life when it came to blogging – what a time saver!!



  5. 7.14.16
    Dominic said:
  6. 7.14.16
    Betsy said:

    Very practical praise


  7. 7.14.16
    Anna said:
  8. 7.15.16
    Ramonne said:

    Nice product! And useful! I’ll put this on my wishlist!

  9. 7.15.16

    I have seen a few of these type of steamers but never purchase one for myself. I wasn’t sure if it actually works that easy but judging by your post, it does work amazingly.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  10. 7.15.16
    Adi said:

    This looks awesome! I’ll need to try it out soon!

    Adi xx

  11. 7.21.17
    Leila1979 said:

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