New Year Same Me

Hey all and happy Wednesday! If you follow me on Instagram, then you probably saw my posts recently in workout gear! No biggie if you didn’t read the longg post attached to the first one, I know sometimes long insta posts are not always fun.
I have worked with Ideology Activewear in the past for a few reasons besides just loving their activewear. They are such a great brand to work with and for, and they also have a really strong ideology (pun intended) behind their brand. They believe in movement, but not just for health or to look better… they also believe in it to challenge yourself to move regardless of what it is for. They want you to love yourself and love all your movements. Trust me… most of mine are not at all graceful haha.
This year they are running the campaign with the hashtag #NewYearSameMe. It is the idea that instead of finding something to work on about yourself, you should focus on the positives and bring those into the new year with you.
I think as a blogger and a woman as well, it is so important to see the good things about yourself. So often we can get distracted from what is being posted or even said about us. I think this year you just need to focus on the amazing and beautiful parts of yourself. It took me a long time to accept myself as who I am today… and I still struggle from time to time. Really knowing yourself and accepting your body, even with changes is an amazing thing!
I am going to list a few things about myself to bring into 2017… and I would love love if in the comments you could tell me some awesome things about you!

1. I am superrrr organized, especially with my closet. I could tell you every piece of clothing I own and where it’s from.
2. I am very close with a lot of my family and try to spend as much time with them as possible.
3. I have tried to help more in the communities that I am in and volunteer in a lot of different ways.

Now it’s your turn! Leave me some awesomeness in the comments below!

In case you want to shop any of these looks…. I have linked them all below!

** Thank you to Macy’s and Ideology for providing all the amazing pieces for these looks! Thank you for supporting brands that support this blog. 

Winter Fashion


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  1. 1.4.17
    Zorica said:
  2. 1.4.17

    Awesome campaign, and loving all this fun and colorful workout gear <3
    Green Fashionista

  3. 1.4.17
    Pam said:

    I love this and I agree 100%. We have to accept ourselves for who we are. Of course taking care of the body and health is important but there are things just as important and we really need to love ourselves more!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  4. 1.4.17
    Vanessa said:

    Happy New Year, babe! LOVED the post — so true! Accepting ourselves for who we are is so important and I totally love your work-out gear! Get it, girl!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  5. 1.4.17
    Jalisa said:

    Such beautiful, stylish workout gear! I especially love the bright leggings, I almost always gravitate towards bright leggings, they’re so fun! Thanks so much for sharing, girlie, and I hope you’re having a wonderful week so far!



  6. 1.4.17
    Biana said:

    So impressed that you know every piece in your closet – a sign that you have bought great items!! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

  7. 1.4.17
    Rachel said:

    What an awesome campaign! I love the idea of “new year, same me” and totally agree with it. Super cute workout pieces, too. I love those pink leggings!

    xo, Rachel
    A Blonde’s Moment

  8. 1.4.17

    What a great way to remind us that we are great as we are, Denise!!
    I tend to be an organizational freak also! Not that I remember everything about each item, but I do like them in their place. It makes me feel out of balance when things aren’t organized!!

  9. 1.4.17
    mallory said:

    I love this!! That hashtag is so refreshing 🙂

    mallory |

  10. 1.4.17
    Kiran said:

    Brilliant campaign! And awesome workout wear, so gorgeous xxx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

  11. 1.4.17
    Amy Arnold said:

    What a cool campaign. To be honest, I hate resolutions. I think they set me up to feel bad about myself. This sounds like a great way to start the year while also focusing on health.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  12. 1.4.17
    Marta said:

    Happy New Year! Such a great campaign and loving the fun work out gear! Leggings are the best!

  13. 1.4.17
    Shannon Jenkins said:

    I love this campaign and omg how adorable are these workout looks?!?! I have never heard of this brand before but I need to check them out asap!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  14. 1.5.17
    Nina said:

    This is such a great campaign. You look amazing in these workout outfits.

    Nina’s Style Blog

  15. 1.5.17
    Kit said:

    Love this! It’s so important to start the year with positivity. I also started the year with a different mindset (instead of the whole “resolutions” squabble.) I especially love your way of thinking because I feel like a lot of people put themselves down or forget to illustrate their strengths. I, myself, am having a hard time right now trying to come up with something “awesome” about myself.

    I guess one of my great traits is my ability to encourage others and see the best in other people. 🙂 I will continue to do this and strengthen this quality!

    Happiest of New Years, boo! You look great xx


  16. 1.5.17
    Shauna said:

    What a fun campaign, and I’m in love with the workout gear! I always love your colorful backgrounds too! They make me so happy!