Hey all and happy Monday! Hope you all had such a gorgeous weekend! I obviously did a bit of celebrating over the last few days. On Saturday I turned 28 and it was definitely a bit unreal. Time seems to fly sooo much faster as I get older….. even though I never used to believe people when they said that! Had some friends and family over to celebrate and eat, nothing too crazy!
I wanted to do a slightly more fun shoot, so I took some leftover balloons from my birthday and used them for a shoot. We also released them when we were done, as driving home with them didn’t seem like the best option haha. Wanted to keep it super simple, so I went with a black dress that I bought last year from Boohoo. I thought the slit and cut were both perfect for it and it is a super comfy dress!
Since I turned 28, thought I would give you a few facts about me:

1) My favorite color is yellow, though I never wear it.
2) I am an only child.
3) My goal has always been to have traveled to more countries than my age and thankfully this is still the case! (Getting close though)
4) I love anything with fur or faux fur…. seriously obsessed.
5) I finally watched “Forrest Gump” for the first time last year. I still have never seen “The Notebook”.
6)  I didn’t start dyeing my hair until I was 25. Never colored it before then.
7) I have lived in 3 countries, 6 cities, and 11 different homes since 2008.
8) My favorite movie ever is “Jurassic Park” and I love anything with Dinosaurs!

Hope you all enjoyed a few fun facts! Have a wonderful week!

Dress Boohoo | | Shoes Nine West

Winter Fashion


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  1. 3.21.17
    Amy Arnold said:

    I did enjoy the facts! It’s always fun to learn more about you. I don’t think I know anyone else whose favorite movie is Jurrasic Park which is cool. Happy belated birthday! You look amazing in this dress, and these photos are so fun.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  2. 3.22.17

    You are so pretty with that wall!
    Mónica Sors