My Visit to Burr Ridge Village Center

Hey all and happy Friday! The weather has been a bit up and down here the past week or so. It’s gone from really hot, to cooler, then extremely humid, making it tough to dress every day!
It’s no secret that I love shopping, I find it to be very therapeutic. Aside from taking in the latest fashion, I like to check out new stores, walk around, and people watch. I love an outdoor shopping center in the summer, there is so much to see and do, and the weather is perfect for it. Burr Ridge Village Center is just outside the city and perfect for grabbing food (you know I love to eat) and then doing some shopping (even better)! The Center is only 15 miles from downtown Chicago, but it’s the perfect escape from the city! On top of the convenience of easy (and free!) parking, great restaurants, and a beautiful outdoor seating area for relaxing in-between, the Center also has a range of boutique and big box retailers to make it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for (and probably some other things you didn’t know you were looking for)! 
I visited the center last week and had a fun time with my dad (he goes everywhere) just walking around, enjoying the weather…. and subsequent A/C, and checking out all the stores. We went to the Kelley Cawley boutique, which carries sizes XS-3XL in store. I have to tell you, as a girl who fluctuates with her weight and wears sooo many different sizes, this was an amazing piece of info. Plus, I loved that it was a boutique inside of a shopping center… which I feel like is pretty rare!

I tried on the pink dress (pictured above) and found an amazing wall to complement the dress! I was so excited to find a wall in the suburbs, which is just another reason I am loving Burr Ridge Village Center!  I then tried on this look… a bit more athleisure! Since you know me so well, you know I typically avoid pants! However, I tried on these joggers and was obsessed with how comfy they were. I need people to let me know that joggers are insanely comfy and I wish I would’ve tried them sooner! I decided to pair it with an off the shoulder top, a cute metallic backpack, and these amazingly comfy sneakers.

Then we headed over to New York and Company to check out some of their fun summer pieces! I loved that everything had such a fun and bold print! You know I live for a good print, so shopping there was way too fun! First, I grabbed this adorable paisley printed romper… and I was so surprised that I loved it! Rompers can be tricky: either the shorts are too short, or I look extra short, I look extra chunky. However, I loved the way this one made me feel! It was so lightweight, comfortable and perfect for summer! 
I tried on this super cute floral dress next, because I you know I love a good floral print! Honestly, the color is what sold me on the dress. It’s so rare to find a dress in this shade of green and I loved it! Honestly, the color is what sold me on the dress. It’s so rare to find a dress in this shade of green and I loved it!

We had lunch at Cooper’s Hawk… and trust me, you NEED to go there! So, full disclosure I have never eaten there before. I have had their wines, done the wine clubs… but never had their food. Well, I’ll definitely be back for their food because it was unreal. We started with the bruschetta and it was beyond! I had the Soy Ginger Atlantic Salmon and I was basically licking the plate. Everything we tried was seriously amazing, including the coleslaw. My dad had the Campanelle Rustica, and whatever sauce they put on it, needs to be used on everything. We had two truffles for dessert to finish off our meal and they did not disappoint either! I left completely satisfied, and already can’t wait to go back!



**Thank you to Burr Ridge Village Center for sponsoring this post. All opinions (however crazy) are my own, and not that of the center. Thank you for always supporting brands that support this blog!

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  1. 7.28.17
    Amy Arnold said:

    Sounds like such a fun place to shop! I am loving everything you tried on and shared. And that food – yum!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  2. 7.28.17
    Rach said:

    Sounds like a great place to go shopping! I’ve never been to Burr Ridge but its not too far from the city! Love all the outfits you tried on! The floral OTS is my favorite! Hope you have a wonderful weekend Denise!

  3. 7.29.17
    Jessica said:

    Love that floral dress. Also, those food pics are mouth-watering! They all look delish.

    Jessica |

  4. 7.30.17
    Chelsea said:

    This looks like such a great venue! I love these pieces, especially the green dress!

    Chow Down USA

  5. 7.31.17
    Gemma said:

    Looks like an amazing day out! I love the outfits you show here and the food looks amazing!

    Gemma x