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Hey all and happy Wednesday! This week has been a bit hectic and crazy! Going to tons of events, getting some last minute Christmas shopping done, and trying to finish decorating my house!
You’ve seen me partner with Meijer to talk about fashion and beauty over the past few months, and now we’re getting into holiday! The holidays can be a super stressful time, especially when it comes to prepping food or shopping for gifts. It’s always hard to please everyone at any holiday event, so you always want to try and have variety in everything that you do, so that the whole family is happy (which we both know never happens, haha).

Today, I am sharing a fun way to step up your entertaining a bit by creating the perfect cheeseboard. Now, I don’t know about you… but my family lovessss wine. There is really not a whole lot more that goes better with wine than a really good cheeseboard. I’m going to show you how Meijer helped me make it easy to create the perfect cheeseboard for my family party.

The Perfect Cheeseboard 

Now, I am by no means an expert, but let me toot my own horn here for a second and say, I think this looks pretty good! Full disclosure, it took me only 10-15 minutes to do, and that includes cutting all the cheese and putting the excess back in the fridge.

My family really tends to love red wine and I wanted to make a board that would go well with that. I did a meat and cheese board last year, so I wanted to somehow switch it up a bit. I am not very creative when it comes to food, but thankfully someone at Meijer is.

On their website (and on their app) they had a section devoted solely to cheeseboards. They had four options for cheese boards, with each option having a very different approach to decorating one. I truly love dessert and had honestly never seen a dessert cheese board before.

When you click on that section, it takes you to the next page, which gives you every single item that was in the photo, including the bowls and utensils. So, me being me, I figured I had to have EVERY single item on that board… including the board itself (which is only $15 bucks) and the cheese knife set!

I really liked that they had photos too, because I never would have been able to find a lot of the products in store. Now, you can obviously switch out the cheeses or any of the items, I just wanted to have the exact ones in the photo.

In the Meijer that I shop at, almost all of the ingredients were in the same place. So, after I walked around for a while and went up and down aisles, I asked an employee, who took me straight back to the cheese section. Turns out, because they created this cheese board section, almost all the items from all four cheese board options were on top of the refrigerated cheese section.

I loved how this dessert cheeseboard incorporated so many elements beyond just cheese, so that people who don’t like cheese will still have plenty of options to pick from – fruit, bread, fig spread… Plus, now I have leftover brownie bites in case my sweet tooth hits!

Gift Wrap Like a Pro

Now, after you’re done shopping for food (or before), you can head over to the Holiday section and grab some wrapping supplies!


I did this first photo because I actually really love gift wrapping presents, but also because I am absolutely nuts about it as well (my family can attest to this). I like everything to coordinate with my home and tree, which happens to have a silver and gold theme.

That being said, I have had some tough times in past years trying to find a lot of gift wrap in this color scheme.

Imagine my excitement when I was in the Holiday section at Meijer and found all of these boxes in silver and gold! Of course, I found wrapping paper as well, but these boxes were too pretty to pass up!

Some of them came individually, but a lot of them came in packs of two or three. Meaning, they were put inside each other, giving you different sizing options. What was even better was the fact that each set was only 4.99 or 5.99, making it super affordable to get a few sets.

I also really loved that they had color coordinated bow sets. I have seen them coordinated in the past at other stores as well, but never one with the same color ribbon in the pack as well. As you can see from other photos, there are a ton of bows in the pack too!

They had a ton of color options too, perfect for people who may not be as neurotic as me and want to switch it up a bit or add some variety to their holiday wrapping!

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  1. 12.12.18
    candice said:

    Ah, everything looks amazing

    Candice |

  2. 12.12.18
    Rena said:

    Wow, seems to be a fanastic concept! Thanks for sharing!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  3. 12.12.18

    your pajamas are too cute! Also, that wine looks amazing!

  4. 12.12.18
    Marie said:

    Thanks for telling us about the Meijer website and how it can help you create the perfect cheese board!

  5. 12.12.18
    Nailil said:

    Meijer has all the best finds. I didn’t really know about this store until you shared it with us. I mean, they have everything.

    Xx, Nailil

  6. 12.13.18
    Kileen said:

    Ooh, this sounds amazing and the tray looks absolutely delicious. Will definitely need to check them out!

    cute & little

  7. 12.13.18

    That tray looks incredibly amazing! I definitely need to check them out before the holidays.

  8. 12.13.18

    That tray looks SO YUMMY.

  9. 12.13.18
    Deborah said:

    I’ve never been to Meijer (I’ve never lived in the Midwest) but I kind of wish they had one here in DC – I always hear great things about that grocery store!

  10. 12.13.18
    Lora said:

    This cheeseboard looks absolutely amazing! What’s more perfect than cheese and wine hahah

    xo, Lora |

  11. 12.13.18
    Tonya Morris said:

    Apothic Red and Menagais Trois are my 2 favorite reds! Love your holiday spread, too!

  12. 12.13.18
    Nicole said:

    Meijer is my one stop shop for groceries, Haircare, toys and more! Love the post babe, thanks for sharing, and now I am craving cheese ??

  13. 12.15.18

    Girl, that spread looks so festive and yummy! I want everything!

  14. 12.18.18
    Laura said:

    Such a pretty cheese board!! Love how you set your home up for the holidays!

    xo, Laura

  15. 12.19.18

    Love President Cheese so much! It will b on my NYE table!! Great pictures!

  16. 12.19.18

    Such a perfect spread! I absolutely love making cheese boards!! The best for hosting!

  17. 12.19.18
    Gita said:

    Ok a good cheeseboard is essential to any good party (and of course the wine to match as well)