My 30th Birthday Present to Myself

It has officially been a month since I turned 30 and what a month it has been! I wasn’t so much scared of 30, more so worried if I had accomplished enough before turning 30. Since this was a big year for me in so many ways, more than just turning 30, I wanted to do something nice for myself. I love birthdays, I love gift giving… but often times I find that I neglect myself in that realm, and put other people first and figure out the rest for myself later.
I met this wonderful team of people behind Ivy & Rose towards the end of last year. We had a fun party with a few influencers and then they volunteered with me during the Holiday Season. They are hands down one of the nicest brands, companies, and team I have ever met in my life. They have this one morganite ring in their store, and each time I was there, I would try it on and always pretend it was mine… and each time I came, they opened up the glass just so I could!
As the new year and my birthday got a bit closer, we talked a lot about getting something cool for my birthday. We went back and forth a bunch and they had told me a few times about how they do custom designs, where you can customize every single part of your ring.

I went back and forth between stones… not so sure why because I had always had my mind set on a yellow (which I now know is called citrine) stone and yellow is my favorite color. I ultimately decided on yellow because when I was younger my Yiayia (grandmother) used to sing ‘You Are My Sunshine’ all the time to me. She passed when I was 17 and this ring was a sort of nod to her life and a way for me to remember her every single day.
I’ll be honest here: I did not completely know the difference between stones and diamonds. I knew there was a difference, but never knew how it worked with higher end jewelry pieces. I had only really owned costume jewelry up until this point, with a few pieces passed down from family.
The difference being that a stone is a much more affordable option (obviously) than a colored diamond when creating a custom piece of jewelry.

The Design

We sat in the office together for quite a while and looked at different pieces online and googled different citrine stone rings. I knew a few things I wanted: I wanted the yellow in the citrine to be lighter and closer to yellow than orange, I wanted it to be larger in size, and I wanted it to look as far from an engagement ring as possible.
In order for it to be a larger piece, certain stones have to be used to keep the cost down, while still keeping the ring a bit larger overall. I had originally asked about morganite as well,  but the larger that stone gets, the more costly it gets. Citrine is a stone that tends to be more affordable at a larger size, making it easier to ultimately create a larger ring without breaking the bank!
I ended up choosing the last ring as the one I liked the most. I liked the overall shape, but what really drew me to the ring was the detailing on the sides. I also explained that if we did do citrine, I didn’t want it to be as orange as the photo above, which meant that I would be picking my own stone.

Picking a Stone

So… who knew this is how stone picking worked! Basically they go to these giant markets (for lack of a better word) and see different stones, diamonds, rings, etc and purchase them. So, they texted me photos of a few different elongated cushion cut stones.
I preferred the more square/ rectangular shape… and since I wanted it to be larger, we decided on an elongated cushion. So, the team went and hand picked stones for me and sent me photos of different options for my ring. I wanted the yellow to be extremely light, so I opted for the first of the 3 and the first of the 2, which turns out was the same stone!

Every part of this journey was tailored to me. They helped me throughout this entire process and allowed for me to be so involved in every detail and every aspect of creating this ring.
Once they purchased the stone, they brought it back to the store, so that I could see it in person. I was able to see it, check it out on my hand for size, and decide if I really liked it or not.

Designing The Entire Ring

Then, based off of everything we came up with, they sent these really cool computer designed images of what the ring would look like. They got every single detail incorporated that I had asked for, and even made it look like the ring I had found online, from when we had first started this whole process!
Seriously, how cool is it that this entire process can be designed on computer and tweaked to your exact specifications!

The Final Ring

Had to get quite a few shots of it! There are quite a few more… but you get the idea!
Here are the final ring details:
14.93 ct. Citrine Stone
14K Yellow Gold
.65 ct of diamonds

I cannot, absolutely cannot recommend Ivy & Rose enough for a customized ring or any ring in general! They are an amazing team, an amazing group of people, and they will help you from start to finish for a custom ring!

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  1. 4.18.19
    Roxanne said:

    I AM OBSESSED! What a gorgeous ring and a beautiful tribute to your late grandmother. Perhaps some day you’ll pass it on to YOUR granddaughter! Love Ivy & Rose!

  2. 5.6.19
    Lavenda said:

    What a fun idea and you’re such a cutie. Happy birthday!!!